APHVAutologous Pericardial Heart Valve (cardiovascular surgery)
APHVAssociation of German Professional Dealers (philatelic group)
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Date of birth and test date were recorded for each student-athlete and transformed into a continuous number, allowing for APHV calculations.
The APHV was assessed by subtracting the YPHV from each student-athlete's chronological age.
The results from this study confirmed that skinfolds and biological maturity (determined by age peak height velocity, APHV) were the best predictors of body fat percentage in young soccer players.
the control of the variable of maturity by using a non-invasive technique (APHV) offers another contribution to predicting body fat percentage.
Paper presented during 6th- APHV Conference, 26-28th December, Nimpith, Sunderbans, West Bengal Compendium.
Paper presented during 7th APHV Conference, 7-8th December, Bhubaneswar, Orissa.
The normal distribution of the APHV was performed using Kolmogorov-Smirnov tests.
The univariate analyses of variance found a significant difference in APHV between the four relative age quarters (F(3,221) = 9.906; p < 0.001).
The anthropometric parameters and the calculated APHV of the athletes participating in the study concerning the biological maturity status (n = 384) separated by sex, type of sport and eligible age group are presented in Table 1.
Thus, a talented boy playing basketball with a much younger chronological age and delayed entry into APHV may have difficulties with effective performance on the court.
The APHV for boys and girls are on average around the mean age children have their APHV.
For example, in the U12 group, later born players have their APHV earlier (0.61 years) than their relatively older peers (i.e., 13.78 vs.