APHVAutologous Pericardial Heart Valve (cardiovascular surgery)
APHVAssociation of German Professional Dealers (philatelic group)
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The anthropometric parameters and the calculated APHV of the athletes participating in the study concerning the biological maturity status (n = 384) separated by sex, type of sport and eligible age group are presented in Table 1.
The athletes were categorized as normal, early or late maturing based on the mean and standard deviation of the calculated APHV of the total sample separated by sex.
2014), the findings of the present study revealed that there was no significant difference in the calculated APHV (as indicator of the biological maturity status) between the male participants of single relative age quarters.
Another limitation of the present study was that the measurements required for calculating the APHV as an indicator of the biological maturity status could be performed only among 384 athletes, not among the total sample of participants (n = 572).
However, the method of calculating the APHV proposed by Mirwald et al.
The later entry of boys into the APHV may be connected with the discrimination in successful youth basketball teams against players who grow up more slowly.
APHV was negatively related to upper body power (r = -0.
In girls, APHV was positively correlated with ranking at U13 (r = 0.
For girls, APHV was the only significant contributor for explaining ranking at U13, and it explained 15%; lower body power did not contribute significantly to the regression (p > 0.
The mean APHV for both boys and girls was around the expected mean age of 14 and 11.
At U13, girls were in their APHV or just beyond it: however, at U16, all girls were beyond their APHV.
For example, in the U12 group, later born players have their APHV earlier (0.