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APIANAdvanced Propulsion Integration Aerodynamics and Noise (est. 1996)
APIANAmerican and Pacific Islander Arts Network (Washington, DC)
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After being injured in battle, Severian is rescued by Apian, who had been assistant to the honey steward, Paeon, before succession.
As such, nestled within the many invocations of exemplary apian industry is always a meditation on scale even as scale seems to recede within these descriptions.
Bees producing honey for themselves and, unintentionally, for human beings, may mean that the world is essentially good: "Whatever feeds the bees' transforming powers-/ alfalfa, clover, cat-claw, mellilot, / palmetto, orange, or the rarest lowers-- / is changed to pleasure in the honey pot." The poem concludes by linking the bees to art as the means by which human beings come to know such goodness: "The essence of this apian husbandry, / although ephemeral, gives evidence, / at least, that meaning goes beyond the bee, / a providential legacy--art's sense" ("Honey").
"In addition to reducing travel," says Samir Gulati, VP of marketing at Appian (apian.com), "telework often relies on cloud technology, which reduces the amount of infrastructure and, therefore, energy consumption within an enterprise." Appian Cloud uses the Amazon infrastructure, and its Tempo mobile product includes an activity stream that provides a social context for business processes.
To be a great institution we pledge to life map our students and then to see them through to the first phases of their individualized life plan; apian that distinctively defines success for them.
First, antebellum-era world and universal history textbooks are really accounts of places and time periods that other writers such as Oliver Goldsmith or Barthold Neihbur have spliced together from a collection of ancient sources such as Livy, Tacitus, Sallust and Apian of Alexandria.
She saw the Perseus by Cellini and the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, the Apian Way with its aqueducts outside Rome.
The Beekeeper's Lament examines the wonders of the apian world that keep Miller (a stubborn romantic who douses his food with honey) tied to his trade, from hives' social hierarchies to the alchemy that turns noxious weeds into sought-after honey varietals.