APICAAsian-Pacific International Congress of Anatomists (est. 2000)
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3 July 2014 - US device-based mechanical circulatory support therapies specialist Thoratec Corp (NASDAQ:THOR) said it had purchased Irish cardiovascular devices maker Apica Cardiovascular Ltd in a transaction worth up to USD75m (EUR54.9m).
Thoratec acquired Apica, which has facilities in Ireland and the US, for an upfront cash consideration of USD35m, with the remainder of the value to be disbursed depending on the achievement of clinical and sales targets going forward, the buyer said.
Apica has developed a portfolio of implant systems and devices for enabling transapical surgical access, including a VAD Surgical Implant System (SIS) and the Apica Access Stabilization and Closure (ASC), the buyer notes.
1, GaS transcripts were conspicuously absent in crowns of unacclimated plants of Apica alfalfa, and increased on transfer to low temperature (Fig.
In crowns, GaS transcript was detected after 2 wk at 2[degrees]C in the cold-tolerant cultivars Apica and Rambler, but was not detected in crowns of the nonhardy CUF 101.
2, steady state transcript levels for GaS increased rapidly in crowns of the cold-tolerant cultivars Apica and Rambler on transfer to unheated greenhouse conditions on October 10 (Fig.
It is noteworthy that nonhardy CUF 101 maintained higher starch levels than Apica and Rambler throughout the overwintering period.
RFO accumulated earlier and reached higher midwinter levels in hardy Rambler than in the hardy Apica and the nonhardy CUF 101.
SS activity measured in early and midwinter was noticeably higher in plants of very hardy Rambler than in those of hardy Apica and nonhardy CUF 101.
During August 1992, seeds of six alfalfa cultivars of contrasting winterhardiness, Rambler and Spredor 2 (very hardy), Apica and Iroquois (hardy) and CUF-101 and Moapa (59 (non hardy), were sown in 14-cm plastic pots filled with three parts (volume basis) soil and one part peat moss (Pro-mix BX, Premier Peat Moss, Riviere-du-Loup, QC).
During late February 1993, plants of Apica were dug from field plots using a tubular drill (Bolduc, 1976) and were tested for their freezing tolerance.
Coldregulated changes in gene expression were quantified in one cultivar of each hardiness class (very hardy Rambler, hardy Apica, and non hardy Moapa.