APICDAAleutian Pribilof Island Community Development Association (Alaska)
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A couple of years ago, APICDA and the Starbound's managing partner decided to extend the boat from 240 to 300 feet to diversify its processing capabilities.
But before Starbound's partners decided to invest in the expansion, they needed to know that the CDQ harvest relationship with APICDA would be good for the next ten years.
For instance, APICDA Joint Ventures has a 50/50 partnership with the Atka Fishermen's Association to operate Atka Pride Seafoods.
APICDA says the fuel facility operation provides jobs for local residents in a region that is in need of dependable employment opportunities and offers a safe and reliable supply of fuel.
Most of the Bering's fisheries were rationalized in the 1990s, "which has resulted in significant positive changes for the industry overall," APICDA's Cotter says.
According to Lace, a member of the APICDA then asked the A-team to focus on the issue of energy.
I've been working very closely with members of APICDA and the borough to write a proposal for a tidal program in False Pass.
Known as the "A Team," six organizations comprise the group that takes on various projects benefiting residents of coastal communities in the Southwest Region: APICDA, The Aleut Corp.
APICDA represents six communities and BBEDC includes 17.