APIDAgile Protein Interaction DataAnalyzer (bioinformatic web application)
APIDAssociation of Professional Interior Designers
APIDAdvanced Placement International Diploma
APIDApplication Process Identifier
APIDApplication Identification
APIDApplication Program Interface Division/Definition
APIDAnchor Point Identifier
APIDAir Photographic Interpretation Detachment
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The APID ONE gives CybAero even greater customization capabilities for defense clients and users on the civilian and commercial markets.
Linda Merieau, Executive Director, APID, stated: "Part of our mission is to encourage professional interior designers from around the Gulf region, including the Sultanateof Oman, to join us in promotingbest practice, defining standards, promoting excellence, and delivering quality while expressing creativity and passion.
A total of 3,725 isolates were from 2,749 patients with an associated MRN; 10,870 were from 8,143 patients identified with an APID.
APID president Farida Abdulla Kamber Al Awadhi said: "We laud Danube for its move to host a competition for the region's rapidly growing interior design industry.
We are very pleased that this inaugural congress is being participated in by some of the world's leading names in interior design and architecture and will be rendering key talks on the design industry," said Farida Abdulla Kamber Al Awadhi, president, APID.
The projected increase has encouraged APID to launch and adopt new strategic initiatives and programs that primarily aim to create more opportunities for interior design professionals based in the Middle East region.
The product line is based on over 20 years of experience as well as extensive new development and refinement of the company's earlier product, the APID 60.
The UAE-based Association of Professional Interior Designers (APID) and the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) have come to an agreement whereby APID Professional Members are eligible for International Dual Membership in BIID.
Commenting at the signing ceremony of the agreement, Kenneth Laidler, President of APID, said, oThis prestigious IFI General Assembly and Design Congress 2009 will ensure the UAE in particular, Aa and the Aa Gulf Region are at the forefront of the professional Architecture and Design Profession.
It is estimated that the flights, which will employ CybAero's APID helicopter systems, are to be conducted by the Swedish Armed Forces over Swedish waters in Q3, 2015.
The partner events at The Pavilion Downtown Dubai are the results of the extensive preparations that we have been making for FoID,' said Farida Abdulla Kamber Al Awadhi, president of APID.
With the theme Celebrate Interior Design, the world's biggest gathering of interior design professionals is being staged for the first time in the region, hosted by APID - Association of Professional Interior Designers.