APIFAsia Pacific Institute of Finance (INSEAD)
APIFAccountability and Performance Improvement Framework (education and training; Australia)
APIFAfrican Policy Institutes Forum (Zimbabwe)
APIFAtlas Pension Islamic Fund (Karachi, Pakistan)
APIFAPN Property for Income Fund (APN Funds Management; Australia)
APIFA PHP Internal Format (website scripting; computer programming)
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APIF was established in February 2001 based on the approval of the 6th meeting of Awqaf ministers of member countries of the Organization of Islamic Conference, OIC, in Jakarta, Indonesia, 1997.
Table 2 demonstrates that all the four companies agreed on the importance of the abovementioned eight factors for the comparative advantages of outsourcing to China and gave a Likert-type scale reading between 3 and 5 (relatively important to very important) except for the APIF in two items.
Only the APIF has succeeded in creating more jobs in Canada, while the CIF and EIF cut jobs because of their restructuring of business processes.