APIGAll Party Parliamentary Internet Group (politics; UK)
APIGAirline Pilot Investment Group (Florida)
APIGAustralian Pulse Improvement Group
APIGAntisymmetrized Product of Identical Geminals
APIGAberystwyth Post-International Group (Wales, UK)
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(80) See APIG, "DRM Report", supra note 67, which states: [T]he current generation of TPMs are far from secure against determined attackers who intend to copy the material at a commercial scale (so-called "pirating").
After a great struggle of wills, they compelled the spirit to take the form of a cockerel (another version says that it was apig) and they carried him on horseback to the River Dee.
The All Party Internet Group (APIG), a contingent of British parliamentarians, released a report saying anti-spam legislation should be harmonised across the globe to criminalise the cross-border activity.
APIG. You've been more than tolerant about his nasty wee hobby, some might suggest too tolerant.
Giving stick to aplayer who movesto abitter rival is not exclusive to Liverpool fans.Barcelona fans threw apigs head at Luis Figo when he left Barca for arch rival Real Madrid.