APIIAction Products International, Inc. (Orlando, FL)
APIIAsia-Pacific Information Infrastructure
APIIAutomatique Productique Informatique Industrielle (French: Automatic Control Production Systems; journal)
APIIAblation Plasma Ion Implantation
APIIAustralian Plant Image Index (Australian National Botanic Gardens)
APIIAdvanced Prototype Information Infrastructure (US DoD DISA (Defense Information Systems Agency))
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Spending in Arkansas' Medicaid program remained almost flat in the last quarter of the same year the APII was launched, capping a year in which the expenditures grew at their slowest pace in three decades.
As part of the agreement, Walmart is serving on the newly created APII Employer Advisory Council, funding the development and distribution of information to the public that explains how payments are being restructured, and helping to underwrite an annual statewide tracking report that evaluates the project's impact and effectiveness.
This change in the criteria of competitiveness was a normal and expected consequence of the dismantling of the multi-fiber agreement, a dismantling that changed the nature of demand of consumers who have become more demanding in the face of a more abundant and varied supply," says the APII note.
Question: What factors contributed to the development of the Tunisian aeronautical sector, which according to the APII will continue to create jobs at the rate of 1,000 jobs per year over the next five years and how can we preserve or even advance this sector?
Welborn also said Thursday that Wal-Mart will serve on the APII Employer Advisory Council to encourage other employers to participate in the APII.
The number of companies legally constituted in the one-stop shops of the APII during the first two months of 2017 reached 969 as against 874 during the same period of 2016, posting an increase of 10.
The initiative was launched by APII to identify reasons for non-completion of industrial project declarations, to assess the sustainability of industrial enterprises and to determine their average life span and to identify the main reasons for closure, "He said, adding that the rate of achievement of declared projects has decreased to 45%, currently, against 52%, during the period 2000-2010.
It is a strategic approach that will certainly increase the number of new projects, overseen by the APII, knowing that the agency has supported nearly 2,500 young promoters since 2005.
In the same context, Samir Bechouel indicated that approximately 174 applications were received by the APII since the launch of online applications for the registration of the first edition of the national contest of invention (from July 26 to September 26, 2016), of which 123 were chosen and six winners were rewarded.
The agreement involves providing these young entrepreneurs appropriate training and a set of services offered by incubators stemming from the APII, in addition to coaching and mentoring needed for the sustainability of their projects.
According to the official, the APII monitors 5,900 companies in industry and 3,000 companies in services.
According to a survey conducted by the services of the APII on the implementation rate of projects, which investment declarations were recorded by the different departments concerned at the agency, it turned out that this rate has dropped by about 10 points since 2011.