APIMActor-Partner Interdependence Model (relationships)
APIMAsia Pacific Institute of Management (India; also seen as AIM)
APIMAssociação Promotora da Instrução dos Macaenses (Macau, China)
APIMAsian Partnership on International Migration (India)
APIMATM Port Interface Modules (Sprint)
APIMAssociation Professionnelle Internationale des Medicins
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An over-time standard APIM was conducted to analyze the first and second research questions of interest; the impact of individual sexual desire and partner sexual desire on the quality of sexual experience over time (see Figure 1).
Norsk Innovasjonskapital III AS has led the investment, along with existing APIM investors, Sarsia Seed , Birk Venture and Ro Invest.
Al emplear un modelo para el analisis diadico, como el APIM (Kashy & Kenny, 2000), fue posible estimar los efectos independientes de variables de cada miembro de la pareja sobre su satisfaccion y la satisfaccion de su pareja, mientras se controlaban estadisticamente los efectos de las caracteristicas del otro individuo.
Congruent with previous models all parental engagement variables were covaried in keeping with the APIM assumption of interdependence.
APIM Therapeutics is working on the development of new synthetic lethal drug approaches to selectively eliminate cancer cells through the use of proprietary peptides in combination with a wide range of currently used chemotherapeutic drugs.
In APIM, the actor effect refers to the fact that a person's outcome is affected by his or her own predictor variable.
In order to avoid undermining existing economic activities in the Canaries, and so as to ensure a smooth transition to the new tax regime, the APIM tax is to be extended pending the implementation of the new levy, or until 31 December 2001 at the latest.
When the non-governmental organisation APIM was disbanded, and its tasks were transferred to the Metz town authorities, Mr Mayer was made redundant.
Last June, the Commission backed plans to delay any early phase-out of a special APIM tax on imports and produce in the Canary Islands, claiming the fiscal regime is still needed in the region.
The APIM tax was due to be phased out completely by the end of 2000, with steady annual cuts of 20% starting from the end of 1996.
But in 1991, the Spanish authorities were allowed to introduce the APIM tax on production and imports to boost local production.