APIPAdditional Personal Injury Protection (insurance)
APIPAtomic Processes in Plasmas (conference)
APIPAutomatic Private IP
APIPAnnual Permanent Improvement Program
APIPAdvanced Placement Instructional Package
APIPAUTOVON Performance Index Program
APIPAssociate Provost for International Programs (various locations)
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Another study is Jackson (2010a) that examined the short-run effects of the APIP and found that the program improves Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) performance and college matriculation.
Jackson found that not only were more students participating in APIP, but that the students who attained higher AP scores also attended more college classes, stayed in school longer, had higher college graduation and labor force participation rates, and had higher earnings.
Kirabo Jackson finds that the APIP strategy of paying eleventh- and twelfth-grade students and teachers for passing AP scores increases participation in the AP program, raises college attendance, improves college persistence, makes employment more likely, and is associated with higher earnings.
Using data from the Texas Education Agency, I evaluated how the APIP affected education outcomes in participating schools in the years following implementation.
Membership of APIP is open to all those engaged with drawing up inventories - in-house or independent.
dagger]) Approximate application rate recommended by APIP using 500 mg [kg.
By June 1998, after paying the basic no-fault benefits, Allstate began paying APIP benefits, eventually amounting to more than $42,000.
0 PMS, APIP or Post-Script, either individually or simultaneously.
With the APIP, they tried to create a monster so they [the investors] could make decisions about [indigenous community] territories in an area with insufficient regulations, where territories are still not recognized and the self-determination of native peoples is not respected," said Foronda, president of the Commission of Andean, Amazonian, and Afroperuvian Communities, the Environment and Ecology (Comision de Pueblos Andinos, Amazonicos y Afroperuanos, Ambiente y Ecologia).