APIRAssessment Planning Implementation and Review
APIRAnnual PEAP (Poverty Eradication Action Plan) Implementation Review
APIRAsia Pacific Investment Register
APIRAdvisory Panel on Investment Responsibility (Stanford University; Palo Alto, CA)
APIRAssociate Professional in Insurance Regulation
APIRAbbreviated Projected Information Report (USACE)
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Not required to report for APIR during the three-month reactivation period are permanent total disability pensioners, pensioners aged 80 and above or those with medical condition, legal guardians (who are not survivorship pensioners) of incapacitated and/or dependent children, and old-age pensioners who are active GSIS members at the same time.
GSIS will also set up APIR caravans in selected municipalities to bring its services closer to pensioners.
This developed as the Provincial Health Office and other concerned agencies also started the implementation of the traditional APIR program which aims to safeguard citizens from firecracker explosions and injuries.