APISAAsian Political and International Studies Association (Selangor, Malaysia)
APISAAsian Pacific Islander Student Alliance
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The politics of identity were also a major factor in the antiwar movement in Santa Cruz, especially on the UCSC campus where for several years undergraduate politics and student government has been dominated by a number of identity-based organizations: MECHA (an organization of Chicano/Chicana students), ABSA (the African-Black Student Alliance), APISA (Asian/Pacific Islanders' Student Alliance), and, more recently, the Progressive Jewish Student Union.
1) Earlier versions of this article were originally presented at workshops on "Bilateralism versus Multilateralism in Southeast Asia" held in Hiroshima and Subang Jaya in 2007 and 2008, sponsored by the Hiroshima Peace Institute and APISA.
In Asia in the New Millennium: APISA First Congress Proceedings 27-30 November 2003, edited by Amitav Acharya and Lee Lai To.