APITAssociação de Produtores Independentes de Televisão (Portugal)
APITArmor-Piercing Incendiary Tracer
APITAssociation for the Promotion of International Trade (Japan)
APITAssociation of Professional Tourist Guides (Spain)
APITAssociação dos Profissionais da Inspecção Tributária (Portuguese: Association of Professional Tax Inspectors)
APITAssociate Provost of Information Technology (Texas A&M University)
APITAddiction Professional in Training
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APIT is bringing an international standard quality education into Pakistan with the commitment and determination.
The kiosks stationed inside the mall provided thousands of visitors and passers-by with an abundance of information about the institute, flyers and brochures and course offerings at APIT.
In APIT, the number of the triangles is the crucial factor which affects the accuracy of localization.
Cloning and biochemical characterization of APIT, a new L-amino acid oxidase from Aplysia punctata.
So one afternoon the Zeiss, Brown's Peacekeeper and I danced our way through my stockpile of 650-grain API, APIT and 700-grain AP rounds.
3) Design collaborative and predictive schemes to solve the non-localizable problems based on the APIT algorithm and the GMM.
Typical range-free methods are Centroid Location (CL) [9], DV-Hop [10], MDS-MAP [11], and APIT [7, 12].
We have been focused on the development of intellectual property on the production of Actinium-225, linking technologies that can be used in our APIT platform and methods of use and these provisional patents represent the potential extension of our IP beyond 2035.
Meanwhile distances estimated for the trilateration are also used in the PIT testing to reduce the judgment errors compared with the traditional method APIT.
There are many positioning algorithms such as Amorphous Positioning, APIT and DV-Hop.
Representative of this type are methods such as Centroid [1], DV-Hop [2], APIT [3], etc.