APITAssociação de Produtores Independentes de Televisão (Portugal)
APITArmor-Piercing Incendiary Tracer
APITAssociation for the Promotion of International Trade (Japan)
APITAssociation of Professional Tourist Guides (Spain)
APITAssociação dos Profissionais da Inspecção Tributária (Portuguese: Association of Professional Tax Inspectors)
APITAssociate Provost of Information Technology (Texas A&M University)
APITAddiction Professional in Training
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Executive Director APIT, Tehseen Tahir said that a country like Pakistan, with 66% of population representing a vibrant and energetic youth, and with proper training and education.
For the Islamabad campus, APIT gives students real exposure to an Australian operated and cultured environment, so that students graduate with the ability to think, walk and talk the Australian way.
On the other hand, range-free algorithms, such as Centroid Localization Algorithm, Distance Vector-Hop (DV-Hop), Approximate Point-in-Triangulation Test (APIT), and Rendered Path, only use the connectivity or proximity information to localize the unknown nodes.
Beacon Based Algorithms: According to [2224] these are further sub-categorized into: Diffusion [32] Bounding Box [33] Gradient [34] and Approximate Point In Triangle (APIT) [35].
APIT boss accused of being at fault for a coal mine ood which killed four men has A which killed four men has A insisted he carried out proper safety checks.
APIT boss accused of being at fault for a coal mine flood which killed four men yesterday insisted he carried out proper safety checks.
That is because the range-free methods such as DV-Hop [9], Amorphous [10], Bounding Box [11], APIT [12], DRLS [13], and SOM [14] do not need additional hardware and can be deployed easily.
Typical range-free localization algorithms include Centroid [3-5], APIT [6-11], and DV-HOP [12-14].
Approximate point in triangulation algorithm (APIT) [5] applies point-in-triangulation test theory, and calculates the intersection of all the triangles which contains certain unknown nodes, and thereby obtains the coordinate of the unknown nodes by calculating the center of the intersection; This algorithm provides better localization accuracy than the DV-hop algorithm, however, the existence of the InToOut and the OutToIn errors cannot be eliminated;