APIUAdaptive Programmable Interface Unit
APIUAsia-Pacific International University (Thailand)
APIUArmy Photo Interpretation Unit
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Garang Kur Apiu, UNICEF Health and Nutrition Officer:
(73) It also appeared in Apius and Virginia (probably by Richard Bower, printed in 1575) (74) and influenced the representation of the earliest tyrants in Elizabethan tragedy whose most notable example, Preston's Cambises, became another notorious instance of histrionic style, as Falstaff reminds us in the mock-court scene in the tavern ("I must speak in passion, and I will do it in / King Cambyses' vein"; Henry IV Part 1,2.4.376-77).
(Apius and Virginia 444-7) By and large, then, the Vice and the sinnekens share a relatively similar didactic function in that it is not momentous but mainly indirect and implicit, contained in their names and immoral behaviour or advice.
In a series of chapters focusing on texts ranging from the Croxton Play of the Sacrament to Apius and Virginia, from 2 Henry VI to Doctor Faustus, Owens offers a history of theatrical representations of dismemberment and decapitation, devoting considerable attention to the pragmatic aspects of staging violent spectacle, and offering a thought-provoking analysis of the relationships between entertainment and ideology within the larger cultural context.
Its technology development branch, Health Informatics institute in Kamiyacho, Tokyo, works with the staff from Apius.com, a Kameda company, to keep KAI secure and running smoothly.
(67) The remaining three members of the crew, consisting of two youths and the fiscaal, Marten Apius, were brought back to Goa as prisoners.
They are significantly absent in Chaucer's The Physician's Tale, where Virginia can resist Apius only by dying, but in a French morality play of 1536 on a similar theme the intended victim is able to save herself by invoking them.
Following a complete list of plays and fragments, acknowledgments, and abbreviations (viii-xvi), this volume includes an introduction (1-12) and entries on 104 plays: Albion Knight (fragment); All for Money; Apius and Virginia; The Ashmole Fragment; The Bugbears; Calisto and Melebea; Cambises; The Cambridge Prologue; The Castle of Perseverance; Christ's Burial; Christ's Resurrection; Clyomon and Clamydes, Common Conditions; The Conflict of Conscience; The Contention between Liberality and Prodigality; The Conversion of St.