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1559-67 Anonymous, Apius and Virginia; A New Tragicall Comedie of Apius and Virginia (48)
In a series of chapters focusing on texts ranging from the Croxton Play of the Sacrament to Apius and Virginia, from 2 Henry VI to Doctor Faustus, Owens offers a history of theatrical representations of dismemberment and decapitation, devoting considerable attention to the pragmatic aspects of staging violent spectacle, and offering a thought-provoking analysis of the relationships between entertainment and ideology within the larger cultural context.
Following a complete list of plays and fragments, acknowledgments, and abbreviations (viii-xvi), this volume includes an introduction (1-12) and entries on 104 plays: Albion Knight (fragment); All for Money; Apius and Virginia; The Ashmole Fragment; The Bugbears; Calisto and Melebea; Cambises; The Cambridge Prologue; The Castle of Perseverance; Christ's Burial; Christ's Resurrection; Clyomon and Clamydes, Common Conditions; The Conflict of Conscience; The Contention between Liberality and Prodigality; The Conversion of St.