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We are especially proud to highlight a set of open-source tools including: Google's FHIR protocol buffers and Apigee Health APIx, Microsoft's FHIR Server for Azure, Cerner's FHIR integration for Apache Spark, a serverless reference architecture for FHIR APIs on AWS, Salesforce/Mulesoft's Catalyst Accelerator for Healthcare templates, and IBM's Apache Spark service.
* JETCO (Booth: 3F-E13) presents JETCO APIX, Hong Kong's first cross-industry open application programming interface (API) exchange platform.
Called JETCO APIX, the exchange platform provides APIs that will provide access to banking products and services.
Percentage of mixed shoots (A), vegetative shoots (B) and non-sprouted buds (C) per position (starting in the base to the apix) along the canes of 'Elmwood' kiwifruits trees submitted to pruning with differen bud load levels on each cane (10, 15, 20) during 2016/2017 cycle, in Farroupilha-RS.
He then launched the Application Programming Interface Exchange (APIX) with the Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore T.
marketplace - the API Exchange (APIX) - for South-East Asia to support financial
As for IoT edge devices, Leti has incubated several startups over the past five years, including PrimolD, which integrates MEMS and electronic devices into textiles; APIX Analytics, which makes nano electric mechanical system-based multigas chromatography analyzers; diabeloop, which makes a glucose sensor and insulin pump; and elichens, which makes MEMS-based sensors for air-quality monitoring.
After returning to Senegal in 2006, he took charge of the financial structuring of several state projects at the APIX level, before pursuing a career at Ecobank as Head of Investment Banking and Public Sector department.
As APIX, Senegal's investment promotion agency confirms, France is still the country's biggest investor, though its single most valuable investment comes from the Canada-based Teranga Gold Corporation's Sabodala mine.
Los Angeles, CA -- A provisional patent application for the Art Preservation Index or APIx was filed in July to standardize the measurement of stability risks of blue-chip paintings and other types of artwork that may deteriorate over time.
Tucked away on a quiet and shady street just steps from the presidential residence, the stately headquarters of Senegal's national investment promotion agency, APIX, (5) seems a world away from the urgencies and uncertainties of everyday life in the city.