APJIIAsosiasi Penyelenggara Jasa Internet Indonesia (Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association)
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Based on data at APJII, international traffic last year reached 4 gigabytes and it is expected to grow to 8-10 gigabytes this year.
APJII said part of the cost components that make up internet tariff is not reduced citing backhaul, local loop or last mile are more expensive than internet tariff components.
APJII also raised question about a number of cost burdens that have to be paid to Telkom and competition in the prices of internet service between ISP and Telkom as the operator of network and at the same time as a service provider.
Joao Damas, F-root Programme Manager, stated, "ISC is extremely happy to be working with APJII and APNIC in bringing Internet services closer to the Indonesian Internet community, enhancing it's resilience and technical independence from external resources and services and contributing to create a global network.
Heru Nugroho, Secretary General of APJII, commented, "The Indonesian Internet community has worked hard with ISC and APNIC to make the first root server installation in Indonesia a reality.