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APLAAIDS Project Los Angeles (California)
APLAAzanian People's Liberation Army (South Africa)
APLAAtlantic Provinces Library Association
APLAAntiphospholipid Antibody (syndrome)
APLAAssociation for Political and Legal Anthropology
APLAAssociation of Palestinian Local Authorities
APLAAsociación Petroquímica y Química Latinoamericana (Argentina)
APLAAmerican Pointing Labrador Association
APLAArizona Private Lender Association
APLAAsia Pacific and Latin America
APLAAsia Pacific Lottery Association
APLAAssociation of Parliamentary Libraries of Australasia
APLAAspiring Political Leaders of America
APLAAssociation of Public Library Administrators
APLAAssociazione Provinciale Liberi Artigiani
APLAAntipersonnel Landmine Alternative
APLAApple Parts and Labour Agreement (Germany)
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This association of other autoimmune diseases occur in secondary type of APLA which is not found in our patient.
It is important to note that the program began with assessments to identify the system's unique behavioral gaps and organizational priorities to tailor APLA for the system.
107) As noted above, APLA involved the argument that, among other things, restrictions on the advertising of legal services relating to entitlements arising out of personal injuries infringed the implied freedom.
In APLA, Gleeson CJ and Heydon J observed that: 'The nature and extent of the freedom is governed by the necessity which requires it', (122) and McHugh J said that '[b]ecause it arises by necessity, the freedom is limited to "the extent of the need"'.
He joined PAC and APLA in the same year, went for military training in Tanzania and was sent for further military training to Kampuchea.
In the larger study, 211 women with SLE and/or APLA who were less than 12 weeks pregnant at enrollment were followed throughout their pregnancy to determine the association between alterations in antiangiogenic factors and the later development of preeclampsia.
4) Australian Broadcasting Corporation v Lenah Game Meats Pry Ltd (2001) 208 CLR 199, 338-9 ('Lenah'); Roberts v Bass (2002) 212 CLR 1, 101-2; Coleman v Power (2004) 220 CLR 1, 109 ('Coleman'); Mulholland v Australian Electoral Commission (2004) 220 CLR 181, 287; APLA Ltd v Legal Services Commissioner (NSW) (2005) 224 CLR 322, 477 ('APLA').
For those inside the country, who condemned guerillas for staying in their military bases instead of coming back home to fight, Child of this Soil gives them a window view of how APLA, AZANLA and MK soldiers were, if captured infiltrating arms and cadres by some "independent" African states, thrown into prison, sentenced to long prison terms and treated not as political prisoners but as criminals.
11) APLA is adapting the model to the particular needs of young, working-class, urban gay men of color in Los Angeles.
MK was the liberation army associated with the African National Congress (ANG), APLA was associated with the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) and AZANLA with the Black Consciouness Movement (BCM).
This focus is adopted not because the SADF was the only armed formation guilty of human rights violations (Umkhonto We Sizwe -- MK, the Azanian People's Liberation Army -- APLA and the TBVC armies -- the Transkei Defence Force, Bophuthatswana Defence Force, Venda Defence Force and Ciskei Defence Force -- were certainly also guilty in this regard) but simply because the sheer scope and scale of their activities was such that it dwarfs those of the other armed forces currently comprising the new SANDF.
On Sunday, July 25, 1993, a group of APLA gunmen attacked the St.