APLISAnatomic Pathology Laboratory Information System
APLISApplied Physics Laboratory Ice Station (US Navy)
APLISAustralasian Public Libraries and Information Services
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Aplis can only be of benefit in encouraging widespread debate and a better flow of information.
Indeed, reports [2-5] from diverse countries of the success of several other WSI implementations all stress the pivotal role of APLIS and WSI system integration.
This new VoiceOver[R] module provides an integrated worklist for transcriptionists, integrated with the APLIS workflow, and can be configured for full transcription, editing of speech recognition-transcribed text or quality assurance (QA) spot checking of completed reports.
The APL-UW handles the construction and logistics of the Applied Physics Lab Ice Station (APLIS), built on a shelf of 5-foot thick Arctic pack ice approximately 200 nautical miles north of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.
Most institutions will have an AP LIS (APLIS) to handle data and workflows related to testing of surgical and cytology specimens, as well as a separate CP LIS (CPLIS) to facilitate testing and reporting of blood and other specimen types.
It is seen by many visitors and others as an outstanding example of a public library service in Australia and New Zealand--to the extent that the editor of Aplis in his editorial in March 2010 was prompted to ask 'Is this the best small city public library in the world'.
The positioning of the Applied Physics Laboratory Ice Station (APLIS) began with that first flight over the ice and the first landing on the ice floe.
"Collaborations with anatomic pathology LIS (APLIS) vendors and partnerships in emerging markets with instrument distributors will allow them to gain an end-to-end tissue diagnostics portfolio and efficient supply chain, respectively."
Tenders are invited for Removal of silt and jungle in selected reaches of rbc, lbc including minor no-1,2, sub minor no.1 of rbc and minor no.1 of lbc coming under aplis.
(23) Australasian public libraries and information services (Aplis) published by Auslib Press www.auslib.com.au
Tenders are invited for Reconstruction of pipe outlet at ch:925m and ch:1200m of rbc of aplis (in minor no.2 of rbc).