APLNAgile Project Leadership Network (project leadership)
APLNAdvanced Professional Logistics Network (shipping)
APLNAustralian Public Libraries Network
APLNAperiodically Poled Lithium Niobate
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For on going projects and committed projects funds will come from APLN, DlP, KE-lll, JBIC, ADB and the World Bank.
meetings on APEC and supporting ICFTU calls for a union forum, participation of trade union representatives in APEC committees, working groups and ministerial meetings, establishment of regular contacts between the APLN and the APEC secretariat and inclusion of trade union representatives in the national consultative committees established by APEC members and in national delegations to APEC meetings (2)
Vietnam Vets, B Co, 125th Single Bn, 25th Inf Div/also 74th Recon APLN Co, Aug 1970-July 1971)--Seeking anyone, esp Jones and Buffet who were cooks, to verify combat stress due to incoming rounds, rockets and mortar--Kerry Kilgore, e-mail: Rtwosome@cs.