APLNGAustralia Pacific Liquefied Natural Gas (Origin Energy and ConocoPhillips)
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1 billion injection into APLNG associated with the dilution and APLNG's successful placement of $8.
Case 2: Resource-rich Region: Gladstone Geographical Regional scope: Coal Seam Gas/ Liquefied Natural Gas industry industries: 3 projects: * OCLNG * GLNG * APLNG Economic Together these projects value: are expected to generate $45 expenditure in and produce 28.
As the third Queensland LNG project to begin production from a second train, the $25 billion APLNG project demonstrates the extent to which the Australian resources sector underpins the national economy and drives growth.
APLNG is one of three coal seam gas-to-liquefied natural gas projects worth over $50 billion currently underway in the state.
This twin focus will improve returns for shareholders and position us to drive medium term growth in a rapidly changing energy market, while delivering on the potential for the major investment that has been made in APLNG.
Origin Energy said that there had been no significant change in costs estimated for APLNG, although warned it might not continue to be immune from future cost pressures.
Wasco says it has--since the Gorgon work got under way--secured yet another Australian project, namely Australia Pacific LNG, or more popularly known as APLNG.
5 billion in project finance from export credit agencies and commercial banks for the second phase of APLNG in Queensland state.
The APLNG Project is a joint venture between Origin Energy Limited and ConocoPhillips.
Third-quarter 2011 earnings included the following special items: $329 million in non-cash charges related to the Trainer Refinery, a $279 million loss on the dilution of the company's interest in APLNG, a $109 million increase in deferred tax expense from tax legislation enacted in the United Kingdom, a loss on the sale of the Wilhelmshaven Refinery, as well as costs related to the Bohai Bay incident.
Dr Lynham said this would give APLNG the flexibility to send gas either to Gladstone for export LNG production or directly to the domestic gas market.