APLNGAustralia Pacific Liquefied Natural Gas (Origin Energy and ConocoPhillips)
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1 billion injection into APLNG associated with the dilution and APLNG's successful placement of $8.
Table 45: APLNG - Australia Pacific LNG - Queensland, Location Details
An LNG train is a plant that chills gas to liquid form for shipping and APLNG made a final investment decision on the first train last year, delaying a decision on the second train.
5 billion in project finance from export credit agencies and commercial banks for the second phase of APLNG in Queensland state.
Sinopec's cash was welcome in large capital intensive projects such as Repsol and Galp's pre-salt developments offshore Brazil and ConocoPhillips and Origin Energy's APLNG project in Australia.
Wasco says it has--since the Gorgon work got under way--secured yet another Australian project, namely Australia Pacific LNG, or more popularly known as APLNG.
The APLNG project is designed to span from gas fields in the Surat and Bowen Basins in Queensland along a 280-mile pipeline to an LNG facility near Laird Point on Curtis Island off Gladstone.
Third-quarter 2011 earnings included the following special items: $329 million in non-cash charges related to the Trainer Refinery, a $279 million loss on the dilution of the company's interest in APLNG, a $109 million increase in deferred tax expense from tax legislation enacted in the United Kingdom, a loss on the sale of the Wilhelmshaven Refinery, as well as costs related to the Bohai Bay incident.
A second pipeline for QCLNG and a third pipeline for APLNG will both consist of a 42-inch diameter high pressure transmission pipeline from the main line valve on the Queensland mainland, across the Narrows to the Curtis Island delivery station.
BG and Santos have already sanctioned their projects, while APLNG is expected to do so this year, with completion dates seen from 2014 to 2015.
The expertise we've developed in the gas pipeline sector in Australia to date will be integral to the successful execution for MCJV, QCLNG and APLNG and add to our capabilities in this rapidly growing market.
In addition to the signing of the Heads of Agreement, the APLNG project received Federal Environmental approval this week.