APLPAsia Pacific Leadership Program
APLPAmyloid Precursor-Like Protein
APLPArmor-Piercing Limited-Penetration (ammunition)
APLPAmplified Product Length Polymorphism (genetics)
APLPAmerican Poetry & Literacy Project (Academy of American Poets)
APLPAlzheimer Precursor-Like Protein
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The APLP has responded positively to the Welsh Government's blueprint for curriculum reform and ITE, with schools actively engaged in plotting a new and exciting course for both existing and future teachers.
The results of this study showed that SEB (Vigodent), a two-step self-etching adhesive, had the lowest shear bond strength values, while APLP (3M), a one-step self-etching adhesive, demonstrated a better performance than the total etching adhesive, MBDE.
The APLP-2 KO mouse has a very mild phenotype, suggesting that highly homologous members of the APLP family can functionally substitute for each other.
The APLP is the fifth panel set up to assist with the smooth transition of schemes into the PPF.