APLP2Amyloid Precursor-Like Protein 2
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Generation of APLP2 KO mice and early postnatal lethality in APLP2/APP double KO mice," Neurobiology of Aging, vol.
The researchers believe that increased levels of the APLP2 protein in the eye cause it to lengthen, resulting in myopia.
Membranes were prehybridized in Rapid-Hyb buffer (Amersham) at 65 [degrees] C for 30 rain and hybridized for 4 hr at 65 [degrees] C with APP, APLP2, [beta]-actin, or S7 cDNA probes labeled with [[alpha]32]dCTP using a random priming kit (Amersham).
5% Tween 20) for 1 hr, and then incubated with anti-mouse APLP2 antibody D21 1 (31) 1:2,500 dilution in 5% skim milk, TBS-T) or anti-mouse neuron-specific [beta]-tubulin monoclonal antibody Tuj1 (32) (1:25 dilution in 5% skim milk, TBS-T) at room temperature for 3 hr.