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APLSAntiphospholipid Syndrome
APLSAdvanced Paediatric Life Support (children's health)
APLSArlington Public Library System (Texas)
APLSAlabama Public Library Service
APLSAmerican Psychology-Law Society (American Psychological Association Division 41)
APLSAssociation for Politics and the Life Sciences
APLSAvery Point Lighthouse Society (formed in February 2000)
APLSArticulating Patient Loading System
APLSAssociation des Proprietaires du Lac Simon (French: Owners' Association of Lake Simon; Lake Simon, Canada)
APLSAutomated Postal Locator System
APLSA Poil La Strasse (Saint-Cyr, French Military College)
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As the APLS microphone is worn on the shirt lapel of a user, Eurocom required an embedded GPS antenna capable of working in close proximity to the body.
They need an APLS product that is robust and can be tracked under the most difficult conditions," says Carlo Kowcun, Eurocom's Senior Hardware Design Engineer.
COM is a neutral industry resource, and by amassing the inventory of hundreds of suppliers, APLS is able to deliver one of the e-commerce sector's most comprehensive procurement and logistics systems currently available.