APMBTAnti-Personnel Mine Ban Treaty
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Implementing partners to complete 39 landmine and ERW clearance projects in 2015/16 covering a combined area of 75.4 km2, and a further 361 km2 from 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2023, as deatiled in the MAPAs APMBT work plan;
In 2012, MACCA supported the Afghan Government in requesting a ten-year extension to its deadline for clearing all anti-personnel mine contamination as committed under the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Treaty (APMBT).
The objective of this requirement is to identify a Supplier/s who can implement a programme to strengthen the ability of the national and provincial authorities of the countries in DFID~s global mine action programme to direct, regulate and coordinate mine action more effectively, with the aim of: increasing security, enhancing livelihoods, and enabling broader humanitarian and development projects to be implemented; and making measurable progress towards Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Treaty (APMBT) compliance.