APMEAAsia Pacific/Middle East/Africa (geographical region)
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APMEA Chairman Nasib Ahmad Saifi says that if our foreign trade mission works more diligently, meat exports to China, Indonesia, Turkey, Central Asian States, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Lebanon, and Morocco could be enhanced greatly in the near future.
APMEA Chairman Nasib Ahmad Saifi claimed that halal meat exports have fallen by 43 percent from September to November 2017 as compared to the same period of the year 2016.
Today, almost 2 million of these cards are in force in Egypt and this is the largest Public Sector payroll programme in the Asia Pacific Middle East and Africa (APMEA) region.
APMEA is a key region for Britain in terms of value, accounting for 28 per cent of total tourism spend, an amount that has grown considerably over the last few years (35 per cent growth since 2008).
Vicky Bindra, President, APMEA, MasterCard Worldwide, said, "MasterCard is pleased to collaborate with ICICI Bank for the launch of the ICICI Bank Diamant card.
Debi 2012 saw a rise of 46 per cent in new buyers and 36 per cent in new suppliers offering the best of Britain and Ireland to APMEA (Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa) visitors.
Commenting at the launch, Andrew Beebe, Suntech's chief commercial officer, said: "We perceive the APMEA region as a growth hub for solar power adoption.
"We perceive the APMEA region as a growth hub for solar power adoption," said Andrew Beebe, Suntech's Chief Commercial Officer.
Summary: DUBAI - MasterCard announced strong third quarter 2011 results for the Asia/Pacific, Middle East & Africa (APMEA) region.
Philip Yen, group head of Emerging Markets APMEA for MasterCard, confirmed that there are 341,000 point-of-sale terminals around the world already using the company's PayPass.
The survey was conducted from 3 September to 1 October 2010 and reached 8,500 consumers from 15 markets across APMEA.
The jury is led by the 2015 Awards Chairman, Jarek Ziebinski and 4 Heads of Jury - Chris Thomas of BBDO Asia and Proximity Worldwide, Lisa Ransom of McDonald's APMEA, Ross Jackson of Visa and Tomaz Mok of McCann Erickson China.