APMHRAge-Predicted Maximum Heart Rate
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Overall mean V[O.sub.2max] was 43.6 mL*[kg.sup.-1]*[min.sup.-1] and overall mean [HR.sub.max] was 190 bpm (102% of APMHR).
This can be done by beginning the next work interval when the heart rate drops to 60 to 70% of the age-predicted maximum heart rate (220 - age = APMHR), though this method is not always practical when training a large group of athletes.
Distance walked on 6mwt was 1360 [+ or -] 456.6 feet at 65.6 [+ or -] 9.4% age-predicted maximum heart rate (APMHR), achieving a 34 [+ or -] 16.6 beat per minute increase in heart rate (HR) from resting HR.