APMSOAll Pakistan Mohajir Students Organization
APMSOAll Pakistan Muttahida Students Organization (est. 1978)
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It was followed by a wave of violence in Karachi cross firing between the APMSO and Peoples Students Federation to defect taking several lives and creating an environment of terror in Karachi.
Altaf Hussain, the founder of APMSO and later MQM, now resides in self-exile in London from where he controls his party.
On the other hand, APMSO sources said various shops and cabins of Urdu-speaking people were fired at following the incident.
The workers in APMSO can't speak against the ills of party, he said.
The main aim of APMSO was to mobilize young Mohajir students in the country to get their rights.
On March 18, 1984, the APMSO evolved into a proper political organization-Muhajir Qaumi Movement.
KARACHI -- Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), chief Altaf Hussain called MQM's Headquarters '90' and congratulated Rabita Committee and different wings, especially office bearers and workers of APMSO on its 36th Foundation Day.
Displaying his usual jolly self, he appealed to the workers to pray to Allah to make him young and energetic Altaf Hussain of the APMSO.
He added that it is a tradition of APMSO to attract the younger generations towards positive activities within the educational institutions.
She expressed these views while addressing a National Women's Conference 2013 organised by APMSO Girls Section.
Central Secretary General of APMSO, Tauseef Ejaz on the occasion said nations and movements do come across difficult times and those who lead and contribute towards social and national stability are always remembered.
KARACHI -- Member of the Literature Committee of the MQM and former organizer of APMSO Sector B Syed Shiraz Azfar was laid to rest today in Shuhada Graveyard in Yasinabad.