APMSOAll Pakistan Muttahida Students Organization (est. 1978)
APMSOAll Pakistan Mohajir Students Organization
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Then, they began to deny them space in the hostels in which they had a stronghold, and even threw APMSO activists out of the university with the help of their sympathizers.
(20) The Mohajir Quomi Movement, later renamed as the Muttahida Quomi Movement (MQM), emerged from the All Pakistan Muhajir Students' Organisation (APMSO).
"The APMSO came into being as a result of a sense of deprivations among the Urdu-speaking people," he said adding that it provided the basis for the foundation of the MQM.
Altaf Hussain a student of Karachi University founded the All Pakistan Mohajir Students' Organization (APMSO) in response to the perceived threat to the Mahajir community in terms of university admissions and government jobs.
Though the ban helped IJT to bounce back from the heavy defeats it had faced in the student union elections of 1983, its influence on campuses continued to be challenged by progressive student groups like Peoples Students Federation (PSF), BSO, Pakhtun Students Federation (PkSF), and (in Karachi) the All Pakistan Mohajir Students Organization (APMSO).
In 1978 Altaf Hussain and a group of like-minded students founded the All Pakistan Mohajir Student Organization (APMSO).
The Mohajir Qaumi Movement - as it was initially called - was not the first one to emanate from a student organisation called the All Pakistan Mohajir Student Organisation (APMSO), but certainly was unique in the sense that it became prominent when Ziaul Haq was injecting the seeds of jihad on the borders, biradaris (communalism) in politics and Islam in the nation.
The Sindhi-led PPP's rule (1971-77) triggered an all-pervasive mohajir identity which found expression in the information of first APMSO in 1978 and later MQM in 1984.
Zahid Akhtar, a MQM Senator and Hasham-uz-Zafar, Secretary Muttehada Quami Movement and former Central Secretary APMSO could not withstand government pressure and have not only deserted MQM but accused Altaf Hussain for hatching conspiracies against the state and masterminding killings of his own men and rivals.
Khurshidi began his political career from All Pakistan Muttahida Students Organisation (APMSO) in 2004 when he joined its Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology Unit- an institute from where he has completed his bachelor's degree in electronics.
They were joined by the founders of All Pakistan Mohajir Students Organisation (APMSO) which later became the MQM, and another ethnic group came into being.
We know that APMSO and MQM rose as a result of persecution of Urdu-speaking people by Ayub Khan and his son Gohar Ayub.