APNCAssociate Pastor Nominating Committee
APNCAlbany Park Neighborhood Council
APNCAddiction Professionals of North Carolina (Durham, NC)
APNCAdvanced Practice Nurse Consortium (New Jersey)
APNCAtomic Parity Non-Conservation (physics)
APNCAnita Purves Nature Center (Urbana, IL)
APNCAdvanced Practice Nurse Care
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Since the strict dependence of nitrate content in groundwater on land use, the APNC, related to the use of fertilizers, is derived from the land use map.
The Potential Nitrate Contamination (PNC) map is produced by overlaying the agricultural (APNC), urban (UPNC), and periurban (PuPNC) maps.
This is reflected in the APNC map, showing almost 80% of the area at high and very high degree of Potential Nitrate Contamination for agriculture (Figure 4(b)).
The generally very useful sensitivity analysis, performed by removing alternatively the various layers from the final susceptibility map [10], would have in this case low significance, involving only the APNC, UPNC, and PuPNC maps, because the original layers of the vulnerability map are not available for the whole area.
Caption: Figure 4: (a) Land use: Corine Land Cover, level 2, and (b) the derived Agricultural Potential Nitrate Contamination (APNC) map) (for the classification see Table 1); (c) population density and (d) the derived Urban Potential Nitrate Contamination (UPNC) map (for the classification see Table 2).
As a result of those meetings, Cambodian parents participated in some basic trainings and began taking leadership roles at their schools and within APNC. One of these leaders turned out to be our toughest negotiator with a top public school official.
In March of 2002, APNC was recognized as the best emerging community organization in Chicago by six area foundations that fund organizing.
Dennison, DNP, RN, APNc, CPHQ, CNE, is a Clinical Advanced practice Nurse, Virtua Health System, Marlton, NJ, and a Contributor, Nephrology Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice, 7th Edition.
Debra Castner, MSN, RN, APNc, CNN, is a Nurse Practitioner, Jersey Coast Nephrology and Hypertension Associates, Brick, NJ, and is a member of ANNA's Jersey South Chapter.
16 February 2012 - US membership benefits marketing firm Access Plans Inc (OTCBB: APNC) said today it would sell its insurance marketing unit America's Health Care Plan/RX Agency Inc (AHCP) to the RF Group for an unrevealed price.
Dennison, DNP, RN, APNc, CPHQ, is a Clinical Advanced Practice Nurse, Virtua Health System, Marlton, NJ.
Acknowledgment: The author would like to thank Debra Castner, MSN, RN, CNN, APNc; Maria Pfrommer, PhDc, MSN, RN, CNE; Donna DuBrink, RN, CNN; Janice Fattori, MSN, RN, APNc, CNE; and Jeffrey Dennison, MEM, for their assistance in the heuristic usability analysis of the learning module.