APNIAustralian Plant Name Index
APNIAssociation for Postnatal Illness (London, England, UK)
APNIAlliance Party of Northern Ireland
APNIAu Pair Network International (UK)
APNIAssociation Pointe Noire Industrielle (French; Congo industrial association)
APNIAction Potential Networks, Inc. (technology provider)
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That is because although the N bloc is growing, as visibly demonstrated in Figure 1, it cannot, ceteris paribus, become a majority bloc for another two decades; and it is that fact that will give the APNI its bridge-building opportunity.
The UDP, the less successful of the smaller loyalist parties in the Forum elections, decided not to compete in any Westminster seats; while the PUP decided not to endanger the sitting UUP MP in Belfast North, Cecil Walker, where its intervention just might have led to a nationalist victory, or to run against the sitting DUP MP, Peter Robinson, in Belfast East, where its intervention might conceivably have let the APNI candidate win.
Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams won back West Belfast, benefiting from redrawn electoral boundaries, and won comfortably despite evidence of tactical voting by loyalists and unionists for the SDLP's Joe Hendron and the decision of the APNI not to run a candidate.