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APNICAsia Pacific Network Information Centre
APNICAsia Pacific Network Information Center
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APNIC and RIPE have systems designed to encourage transfer and registration with the RIRs.
APNIC is very pleased to have Web Werks' cooperation in hosting an Anchor in India.
APNIC Director General Paul Wilson emphasized that following the implementation of the Final /8 policy, all networks must now be working toward IPv6 compliance.
Be sure to come to the booth of DotAsia and APNIC located at 5L3-07 from 16th to 19th June.
Experts from ICANN ISOC APNIC CEOs and CIOs of ISP's IT and Telecom Companies Academia Scholars Officials of Government Organizations Civil Society and other dignitaries participated in the workshop held in Islamabad.
APNIC and the Internet community are fully prepared for this event, having achieved a plan for IPv4's replacement protocol back in 1999 with the release of standards defining IPv6.
Initial members include a who's-who of acronymic internet management bodies, such as ISOC, RIPE-NCC, ARIN, APNIC and LACNIC, as well as commercial interests including Cisco, MCI, UltraDNS, Afilias and XO Communications.
He said that ICANN APNIC and ISOC have a critical role in the development of this system.
Paul Wilson, director of the Asia-Pacific's internet protocol addressing authority APNIC, said that IPv6 capability has grown globally from 1% at the beginning of 2013 to 4.
This workshop is a result of mutual collaboration carried out by PTA's ICT Directorate and APNIC over the past 6 months.
This local search engine is linked up with APNIC (Asia Pacific Network Information Center) database which would help the users to access ownership and management information of an IP address of the country.