APNSAAssistant to the President for National Security Affairs
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However, the Carter SCC did have what was called a "mini-SCC" chaired by the deputy APNSA that assisted the SCC in managing foreign policy.
Vice President Walter Mondale, APNSA Brzezinski and Deputy APNSA Aaron, and Secretary of Defense Harold Brown were also disappointed with the Vladivostok-based options, though Brzezinski's and Brown's motivations for deep cuts were based on rolling back the Soviet nuclear buildup that increasingly threatened the U.
Hyland of the NSC staff was charged with producing a formal proposal under the supervision of Deputy APNSA Aaron.
APNSA Clark and Deputy APNSA Robert McFarlane began to get involved in the decision-making process.
In the days immediately following the coup of August 20 to 23, Bush and APNSA Brent Scowcroft began to discuss a follow-up to START.