APOBSAnti-Personnel Obstacle Breaching System
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The APOBS is a two-soldier, portable, linear demolition charge that is used against antipersonnel mines and wire obstacles.
At the breach location, the Soldiers can open the backpacks, connect the line charges, emplace the rockets on the launch rod, aim and fire the APOBS system," Chatterjee said.
The APOBS can be carried by two people, and takes 30 to 120 seconds to be set up.
The great advantage of the new system is that the two-person APOBS team enjoys a safe, 35-meter standoff distance from the charges, exposing fewer Marines to mine obstacles while decreasing the time on target exposed to enemy fire," said Frank Stevens, who led the team that developed the new breaching system.
The APOBS is now a system of choice of rotational engineer units at NTC.