APODETIAssociacão Popular Democratica Timorense (Timorese Popular Democratic Association, East Timor)
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Indonesia apoyo al APODETI para que se hiciera con las elecciones organizadas por Portugal y, ante los resultados adversos, apoyo con el fallido golpe armado.
The UDT joined forces with APODETI against FRETELIN.
The two major parties were the pro-Portuguese Democratic Union of Timorese (Uniao Democratica Timorense, UDT), founded on 11 May, and the more radically nationalist Timorese Social Democratic Association (Associacao Social Democratica Timor, ASDT), formed on 20 May; a third party, the Association for the Integration of Timor into Indonesia (Associacao Integracao di Timor-Indonesia), which subsequently changed its name to Timorese Popular Democratic Association (Associacao Popular Democratica Timorense, Apodeti), was established on 27 May.
Similarly, Apodeti built a following in Atsabe (home of liurai Guilherme Maria Goncalves), Laclubar (home of the Osorio Soares family) and Viqueque (centre of the ill-fated 1959 rebellion against Portuguese rule).
Under the Indonesian occupation, hereditary rulers within the pro-integration party Apodeti were appointed to the puppet administration, and over time, liurai were invited to Jakarta and blood ties with local rulers on nearby islands were celebrated.
(42) (In contrast, the pro-Indonesian party Apodeti explicitly argued against such a position on grounds that 'the existing culture of traditional mysticism of our Timorese ancestors ...
First, CNRT has brought together the leaders of all the main Timorese parties, including FRETILIN and the UDT, which in August 1975 were briefly in conflict, and even members of APODETI, which once championed integration with Indonesia.
In fact, according to a survey of its members, 48 per cent of its members have parents with an APODETI background, 26 per cent have parents with an UDT background, and only 24 per cent have parents with a FRETILIN background (da Silva Lopes, 1996).
Even members of Apodeti, once the champions of integration with Indonesia, have also joined.
He founded the pro-integrationist (with Indonesia) political party Apodeti (Timor People's Democratic Association) in 1975, which was instrumental in enabling Indonesian invasion and subsequent occupation.
None raised the issue, for example, that Dom Siprianu was the father of Dom Guilherme, the founder of the pro-Indonesia Apodeti party, which was directly instrumental in heralding in the Indonesian oppressors, (33) but instead stressed the ways in which the ruling family diligently worked for the benefit of the Atsabe subdistrict population during the Indonesian period, especially highlighting the clandestine ties to the freedom fighters.