APoDSAdaptive Processing of Data Structures
APoDSAmmonium Peroxy Disulphate
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To cope with such threats, APODs and flight corridors will need to be displaced farther from the zone of conflict, extending the LOCs.
In such a climate, these new APODs, which bring asylum seekers and residents into much closer contact than previously, are met with hostility and anger.
Woodside, where the APOD is located, has a demographic profile that is quite different from, for example, Christmas Island, where there are three APODs and an IDC.
In the hub and spoke concept, cargo is loaded on a strategic airlift asset at one of several aerial ports of embarkation and delivered to a centralized main operating location, or aerial ports of debarkation (APOD).
A first-order system-dynamics simulation of a CAT air bridge identified the number of aircraft needed, based on assumptions for flight frequency and ramp-space requirements at the aerial port of debarkation (APOD).
(2) It was noted that hillocks did form without the addition of the APODS, resulting in an extremely rough surface.
For the Chemical Corps to remain a relevant member of the joint force, it must explore and, ultimately, acquire additional capabilities that will enable the JFC to reconnoiter APODs, SPODs, landing zones, and amphibious landing sites before an operation.
Once again, forces could be efficiently and effectively deployed from the aerial port of embarkation to the aerial port of debarkation (APOD), but the coordination for follow-on movement (a Joint movement request) did not occur until after arrival at the APOD.
The most recent National Security Strategy states that either host-nation or allied APODs and SPODs will be used to quickly move forces into a crisis area.
For American forces to be timely and effective, they often need to be air mobile, arriving via an aerial port of debarkation (APOD).