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APOEAerial Port Of Embarkation
APOEApolipoprotein E (genetic risk factor for Alzheimer's disease)
APOEAssociation of Professional Oklahoma Educators (now Professional Oklahoma Educators; est. 1988; Norman, OK)
APOEAerial Point of Embarkation
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Association between APOE polymorphisms and mesial temporal lobe epilepsy with hippocampal sclerosis.
APOE gene expresses in three common isoforms E2, E3 and E4 encoded by e2, e3 and e4 co-dominant alleles respectively.
Ademas, el polimorfismo en APOE puede ser la causa de entre el 2 y el 11% de la variacion total del colesterol en sangre (23).
The distribution of APOE alleles in the study mirrored that of the population at large, he said.
Frecuencias genotipicas y alelicas del gen APOE en el grupo control y en pacientes con la enfermedad de Parkinson.
They found that, for both APOE epsilon-4 carriers and noncarriers, higher numbers of subjective memory symptoms at baseline were related to poorer verbal memory scores (P for trend less than .
Finally, study subjects were classified in the genetic risk group if they were in the 20 percent of adults who had one or two copies of an APOE e4 allele, a genetic variation linked to dementia.
APOE aims to create formal and informal networks between outsourcing executives in the Asia Pacific region, aggregate and share good practices in the outsourcing industry and encourage collaboration between members.
Cargo arriving at an APOE unplanned, unannounced, or without the necessary and correct documentation becomes frustrated.
To date, the only susceptibility gene unambiguously demonstrated worldwide, is the [epsilon]4 allele of APOE gene on chromosome 19 (5).