APOHAirsoft Players of Hawaii (hobby club)
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Apoh acknowledged the efforts of the Ghana Police Service and was hopeful that the vehicle would go a long way to help them in their work to provide adequate security for the people.
Apoh encodes [beta]2GPI, a 54.2 kDa single-chain protein containing four N-linked glycosylation sites, which is essential for binding phospholipids.
Apolipoprotein H (ApoH), also called beta-2-glycoprotein I, is mainly synthesized in the liver.
For the SID-MRM analysis, we first synthesized stable-isotope standard (SIS) peptides (>95% purity) for 15 proteins (APLP2, APOA4, APOH, B3GNT1, C4B, C5, C7, CD14, CLU, FN1, GSN, ITIH2, KRT1, SERPINF1, and VTN).
Prior to 1957, a number of young Penan had attended the Borneo Evangelical Mission (BEM) adult literacy program (15) at various places: Long Bedian, a Kayan village in the Apoh River; Lio Matu, a Kenyah village in the upper Baram; and sometimes in the jungle where groups of Penan were camped.
Tiwi is a Bidayuh from Bau and had been teaching at SK Penghulu Baya Mallang in Apoh, Baram for over a year.
Meanwhile, while conducting pursuit operations, elements of the 1st Scout Ranger Battalion led by Major Grezula engaged in an armed confrontation with more or less 20 ASG members under Almadjan Sahidjuan, alias "Apoh Mike," in Barangay Tabu-Bato, Maimbung, Sulu at 9:30 a.m.
He does so by comparing the impact of out-migration on two rural villages, both of them located along the Apoh River in the Miri Division of Sarawak.
Cirilito Sobejana identified one of the killed Abu Sayyaf members as Abrajir Jamsuri alias Radis who was under ASG Sub-Leader Apoh Mike.
The study villages are located along the Apoh River, a tributary of the Tutuh River.
The 24-year-old Aspi, a resident of Barangay Lipunos, Parang, Sulu, is a follower of ASG sub-leader Majan Sahidjuan, alias Apoh Mike.
One of them resides at Long Latei on the Apoh, the other at Long Beruang in the Upper Baram.