APOLEAny Piece of Laboratory Equipment (website)
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The three Apoles, armed with pistols and a hand grenade, barged into Hashiba's residence along with two others, tied up his Filipino wife Emilie Lopio, their children and Emilie's father, and drove away with Hashiba along with cash and jewelry worth 150,000 pesos ($2,941), the records show.
You can buy a Peekaboo pole in a variety of online shops (www.peekaboopoledancing.com 0207 724 2472) where you can get apole dancing kit for pounds 44.99.I keep seeing his old loverI HAVE gone off sex since my husband had an affair with a woman who lives very near us.
We are convinced that ApolE represents a major piece of the Alzheimer disease puzzle and that each member of the A5 alliance brings a critical piece of that puzzle to the table.
Tenders are invited for 1)transport of apoles, lattice structure,psc poles,power conductor and accessories etc.From specified places and distribution of materials at site.2)erection of poles and conductor stringing.3)laying of ug cable at specified places and river crossing
Benhur Luy -- apoles to peddle their pork barrel when they learned they would get a kickback of at least 40 percent in a ghost project and an advance of half of the loot from the businesswoman awash in cash.