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APOSAmerican Psychosocial Oncology Society
APOSAction, Process, Object, Scheme (mathematics)
APOSAfter Point of Sales
APOSAll Phases of Step Cycle (pain treatment system)
APOSAcoustic Processor Operating Station
APOSAsia-Pacific Optical Fiber Sensors (conference)
APOSAustrian Positioning System
APOSAdvanced Process Oriented Steering
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The SAP Analytics Extensions Directory is a valuable resource for SAP BusinessObjects users," said Allan Pym, APOS COO.
Since its beginning in 1992, APOS Systems has evolved from a custom business application development shop to a global provider of solutions promoting well managed business intelligence.
The APOS Data Gateway aids in convergence by making more data sources and existing business logic assets more easily available.
The APOS Data Gateway helps companies leverage their trusted data and data connection assets, which delivers very unique value," said Allan Pym, APOS COO.
Using the APOS Dashboard Auditor, you can audit Xcelsius and Design Studio dashboards, as well as Xcelsius components streamed into Design Studio using APOS Dashboard Migrator.
The initial release of the APOS Dashboard Migrator delivers Xcelsius dashboards to Design Studio in HTML5 format, and Design Studio can pass parameters to Dashboards to determine context and content.
It removes substantial uncertainties from migration planning, and streamlines the overall migration process significantly," said Ofir Gil, chief technical officer, APOS.
The APOS Migrator for Crystal Reports 2011 and 2013, like other APOS Migration Accelerator products, allows migration planners and administrators to automate time-intensive and labor-intensive migration tasks, removing uncertainties from the migration planning process, and liberating resources to tackle higher-ROI tasks," said Ofir Gil, chief technical officer, APOS.
Using the APOS Location Intelligence Solution with SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards lets users integrate their corporate data, industry data, and demographic data into unified and compelling map visualizations, providing fresh perspectives on the business questions at hand,” said Allan Pym, chief operating officer, APOS.
Until now, location intelligence has only been available to organizations with dedicated GIS resources," said Allan Pym, vice president, Sales, APOS.
The APOS Content Fusion solution integrates SAP BusinessObjects with the Open Text Enterprise Content Management (ECM) suite, making powerful business intelligence content accessible to ECM workflows.
Professionals in any large Utility that have an interest in learning how the APOS Location Intelligence Solution can be the missing piece of their ESRI GIS and SAP BusinessObjects integration puzzle should attend this event.