APOTAsia Pacific On-Board Travel
APOTAdditional Point of Termination
APOTAmplification of Papillomavirus Oncogene Transcripts
APOTActual Point of Termination
APOTAlternate Point of Termination
APOTAssociazioni Produttori Ortofrutticoli Trentini (Italian: Fruit and Vegetable Producers Association Trentino; Trentino, Italy)
APOTAmyloid-Producing Odontogenic Tumor (veterinary pathology)
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The membership degree is calculated by APOT and the result is:
Going forward in 2009 we expect APOT to report net income of JD258.
APOT including BHS SCADA CUM servers & BHS in Metro train of Airport Express Line) and Tunnel BHS at Airport station of DMRC Airport Line for Check In and Cargo Operation.
Nishantha Wickremasinghe has been appointed the Chairman of APOT.