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APPCAdvanced Program-to-Program Communication
APPCAdvanced Program to Program Communication
APPCAsia Pacific Physics Conference
APPCAll Party Parliamentary Committee (various locations)
APPCAnnenberg Public Policy Center (University of Pennsylvania)
APPCAdvanced Placement Physics C (course)
APPCArt in Public Places Committee (various locations)
APPCAsia Pacific Peace Committee
APPCAdvanced Peer to Peer Communications
APPCAssociation of Professional Political Consultants (London, UK)
APPCAlternative Providers of Primary Care (UK)
APPCAssociação Portuguesa de Projectistas e Consultores (Portuguese: Portuguese Association of Engineers and Consultants)
APPCAdolescent Pregnancy Prevention Coalition (various locations)
APPCAsia-Pacific Policy Center (Philippines)
APPCAssociação do Porto de Paralisia Cerebral (association for cerebral paralysation, Porto, Portugal)
APPCApplication Program-to-Program Converter
APPCAssociació de Pàgines Personals en Català (association for personal websites in Catalan language)
APPCAllen Park Presbyterian Church
APPCArmy Printing & Publication Command
APPCApplication Platform for Pervasive Computing
APPCAllstate Personal Property and Casualty
APPCAmerican Public Power Company
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Let us not forget the basics, as set forth in the 2007 APPC study: "The evidence suggests that on the average, a developing country with an initially high land inequality is expected to have a lower long-term income growth rate and slower pace of poverty reduction than a country with a more favorable land distribution.
For APPC, this approach translated to soft, diffuse sources that make the space "feel soft, light, airy and open.
In addition to the APPC templates, other innovations that stations made seemed to be well-received, such as KTVU's ballot initiative pages and KGW's polling feature, KCCI's quiz, WFAA's voter registration card guide, and WKMG's polling place locator.
The APPC has about 20 goats for milking, but the number of does is expected to increase with more kids being raised in the facility.
In a joint statement here, they called upon the Federal Information Minister to immediately look into the matter and ensure that the APPC pensioners were given the 10 per cent raise announced in the 2014-15 budget besides the 11 per cent raise announced in the budget for the current financial year.
He cites studies (ALDA, APPC, IARDS) showing that farm productivity figures for crops coming under land reform are "chilling" (in the sense that yield per hectare has decreased); that the beneficiaries of CARP have become poorer (the "landed poor"); that landownership under CARP is an inferior type of ownership because the per capita income of these landowners has not increased; that if the total money spent on Agrarian Reform Communities (ARCs) had just been directly given as cash equivalent grants to members, the members would have been better off (P1,340 vs P1,619); and that the difference in net profits between those of Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries (ARBs) and non-ARBs in ARCs (about 10 percent higher) is illusory, because ARBs have 30-percent-larger plots than non-ARBs.
APPC and Turkey-based Bayegan Group terminated their MoU to construct a 450,000 mtpa polypropylene plant in Turkey.
APPC The Active Pressure Pulse Compensator (APPC) senses the sudden decrease in water pressure and immediately starts to inject air into the upper part of the firewater piping system, at a pre-defined pressure (normally 1bar -- 2bar).
A statement issued by Mr Davenport said: "I have today formally withdrawn my complaint to the APPC regarding Morgan Allen Moore Ltd, without reservation.
APPC has improved its Suez intake terminal, at Ain Sukhna (south of the Suez Canal), and its terminal at Sidi Kerir where the storage farm was expanded in December 1996.
APPC and UIC will then negotiate the terms and conditions associated with UIC's intention to acquire a 20% equity interest in the Somboon project.