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APPDAustralian Plant Pest Database
APPDAMEDD Personnel Proponency Directorate (US Army)
APPDAnarchistische Pogopartei Deutschland (German Anarchistic Pogo Party)
APPDAgronomy and Plant Protection Division (Minnesota Department of Agriculture; St. Paul, MN)
APPDAcademic Policies, Procedures and Documentation (Indiana University)
APPDAtmospheric Pressure Plasma Deposition
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Since it began using the latest iteration of the tool, the Philadelphia APPD has handled more than 120,000 new "case starts.
The APPD risk assessment model is not an off-the-shelf tool.
As they developed the tool in Philadelphia, for example, Barnes and Hyatt, along with their APPD partners, mined raw data from six different databases.
The OTSG Human Resources Directorate provides APPD with the budgeted end strength for the Active Army officer corps.
Like the Active Army, the Reserve Component OFMs and histograms are the foundation for many of the Army Reserve APPD recommendations and the basis for present and future force structure, promotion rates, incentives, training, school seats, recruiting goals, and sustainment of the force.
The APPD plays a key role in supporting the decision-making process regarding training requirements for each specialty area, for graduate and doctoral education, and for the leader development programs to include the Basic Officer Leadership Course, Captains Career Course, and Army Intermediate Level Education Course.
While in no way undermining the tragedy in the Valley, the APPD must remember that the voices of the valley are not the exclusive voices of Kashmir and certainly not of Jammu and Kashmir.
Third, the APPD should also not fall into the convenient trap of an economic package.
Three major models are used in APPD structure analysis.
The APPD maintains an OFM for each of the AMEDD specialties.