APPDCAlberta Pork Producers Development Corporation (Canada)
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The structure of monomers, APPDC and APDMP, were characterized by [.sup.1.H] NMR (Aspect 300 MHz, Bruker, Germany), fast atom bombardment MS (FAB, ZAB-HS, VG, UK), and gas chromatography/mass spectrometer (GC/MS, GC 2000 Trace MS, Finnigan Mass, UK).
This work focused on the preparation of the superab-sorbent containing the monomer of APPDC (SAP1) and the comparative investigation of swelling properties of SAP1, SAP2, and SAP3 under the same conditions.
ABBREVIATIONS AA acrylic acid ACE acenaphthylene APDMP l-(acryloyloxy) propan-2-yl dimethyl phosphate APPDC l-(acryloyloxy) propan-2-yl phosphoryl dichloride EGDE ethylene glycol diglycidyl ether [Et.sub.2]O ethylether HPA 2-hydroxypropyl acrylate PSA poly(sodium acrylate) P(SA-co-HPA) poly(sodium acrylate-co-2-hydroxypropyl acrylate P(SA-co-SAPP) poly(sodium acrylate-co-sodium l-(acryloyloxy) propan-2- yl phosphate) SAPs superabsorbents SAPP sodium l-(acryloyloxy) propan-2-yl phosphate TEA triethylamine THF tetrahydrofuran Vc L-ascorbic acid