APPERAfrican Priority Program for Economic Recovery
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It should be noted that while the Lagos Plan of Action and APPER reflected the common aspirations of African states, they did not impose binding commitments on individual states (nor, of course, on aid donors).
However, for long periods of time, of several centuries, the sociological character of money becomes predominant, it appers as a tool that is always used to reduce the debts of the State and of certain social classes, and therefore as a potent factor in the circulation of those selected classes.
Therefore, the association between C and medical training appers to be very strong and worthy of further investigation, especially as this association is based on unadjusted coefficients.
The deal appers to show that Merck is in the driver's seat, with Astra desperate to clear the path for a full merger with a third company or smaller acquisitions.
Individuality, as exclusive being-for-itself, appers as the relation [of
However, the issue of legal sovereignty often appers to become muddled with the notion of democracy, because Euro-sceptics sometimes claim that the loss of sovereignty is undemocratic.
There appers to be an explanation here as well for the finding that Grosch's law still holds within five classes of computers--micro, mini, small mainframes, mainframes, and supermainframes--but not between classes.
In fact, he appers to have picked up exactly where he left off in that delirious, labyrinthine fairy-tale thriller.
Pac-Man is as short as 1-7 while Bradley, who is supremely confident and appers to be in phenomenal condition, is4-1for theupset.
on a positvie note there is something new as the FT-86 appers to be wearing a set of Brembo brakes, which is great news for when we eventually get behind the wheel of this car.
The scene then rapidly shifts to Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) in a hospital bed with an oxygen mask and appers to be dying.