APPEXAdvanced Power Projection and Execution
APPEXAAPG (American Association of Petroleum Geologists) Prospect and Property Expo (conference)
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As a sponsor of APPEX, Drilling Info set up a special speaking engagement for its CEO.
APPEX is held from March 6th - 8th with representatives from oil and gas, government and the finance industries all in attendance.
She has made her mark on every aspect of APPEX from creating new services to creating brand new communication channels for APPEX Partners.
APPEX welcomed nine (9) new Partners including The Somers-Pardue Agency (Burlington, NC), Insurance Associates (Rockville, MD), York International Agency, Inc.
Also announced at the meeting were the four (4) APPEX Partners who received awards for their outstanding achievements.
APPEX Symposiums are held semiannually, in the spring and fall of each year, for APPEX Partners.
APPEX is a division of MarshBerry, a leading provider of consulting services in the financial services industry and the preeminent provider of consulting services to agents and brokers.
APPEX is comprised of many of the industry's top performing insurance agencies that have come together to exchange operating strategies, to share strengths and opportunities and to hold each other accountable for success.
APPEX brings entrepreneurial and innovative insurance agencies together to explore ways to adopt new technologies or sophisticated management techniques to provide the most competitive service possible," says APPEX Executive Director Dotti Campbell.
The APPEX network was formed by Marsh Berry, a Concord, Ohio, consulting firm for insurance agents and brokers.
The electronic transfer of customer information from Quicken InsureMarket to the APPEX affiliated agent will save the consumer time.
The APPEX network was formed by Marsh Berry, a consulting firm for insurance agents and brokers.