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APPIAmerican Psychiatric Publishing, Inc.
APPIAmerican Psychiatric Publishing Inc.
APPIAmerican Psychiatric Press, Inc.
APPIAtmospheric Pressure Photoionization
APPIAdvanced Peer-to-Peer Internetworking
APPIAdvanced Plant Pharmaceuticals Inc.
APPIAssociação Portuguesa de Professores de Inglês
APPIAffiliated Power Purchasers International, LLC
APPIAnimal Protein Producers Industry
APPIAustralian Pulp and Paper Institute
APPIAccelerator and Particle Physics Institute
APPIAgência Paranaense de Propriedade Industrial
APPIAsian Petroleum Price Index
APPIAssociated Professional Photographers of Illinois
APPIAsosiasi Produsen Pupuk Indonesia (Association of Indonesia Fertilizer Producers)
APPIAssociation de Promotion de la Profession Infirmière
APPIAtlantic Precision Products Inc.
APPIInternational Association for the Promotion and Protection of Private Foreign Investments
APPIAdvanced Program-to-Program Internetworking
APPIAustrian Pension Performance Index
APPIAcid Precipitated Protein Isolates
APPIAssociation Paulista Pro Interlingua
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He explained that the enforcement of APPI will help the member states in the enhancement of commercial and economic activities, investment, transfer of technology and new employment opportunities under the uniform commercial laws in the region.
4]) as measured with ESI, and for steroid hormones as measured with APPI.
The APPI chairman expressed optimism earlier before the falling value of the rupiah that financing firms were ready to provide financing service valued at Rp 50 trillion for the purchases of cars in 2005.
Using its own trade name, APPI introduced the AM-Trim products in the United States at the 2004 UCT show in January.
APPI Tapis used to be set once a week by a panel of industry participants, including Caltex which produces Indonesia's main export crudes, Minas and Duri, whereas independent price reporting services like Platt's, RIM and Argus make daily assessments.
For the last six years, APPI has used a local area network (LAN) and The Cat's Pajamas software to handle book fulfillment.
One of the reasons we selected APPI to serve Illinois bankers is because of their vast experience and expertise with electricity deregulation," says Linda Koch, IBA President and CEO.
The APPI, in which Malaysia's Tapis light/sweet crude plays a major role, is the largest component of the monthly ICP.
The alliance between Cross Country Education and APPI will secure the United Kingdom-based company's holding in the U.
Panelists on the APPI will have to submit prices not less than $1 a barrel below dated Brent or more than $6 a barrel above the European marker, trade sources who had seen a memo from Seapac on the changes said.
Founded in 1981, APPI and its staff of editorial, production, marketing and business experts are devoted to offering authoritative, up-to-date and affordable information geared toward psychiatrists, other mental health professionals, psychiatric residents, medical students and the general public.
BOSTON -- APPI Tecnologia S/A, a payments technology company based in Rio De Janiero, Brazil, recently announced that it has engaged Preston Todd Advisors to introduce it's unique universal payment terminal technology to merchant payment processors and large ISOs throughout North America.