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My husband was always interested in this period of his country's history, and had already the intention of writing a story that should turn on the Appin murder.
Some time after the publication of Kidnapped we stopped for a short while in the Appin country, where we were surprised and interested to discover that the feeling concerning the murder of Glenure (the "Red Fox," also called "Colin Roy") was almost as keen as though the tragedy had taken place the day before.
If you ever read this tale, you will likely ask yourself more questions than I should care to answer: as for instance how the Appin murder has come to fall in the year 1751, how the Torran rocks have crept so near to Earraid, or why the printed trial is silent as to all that touches David Balfour.
You could try chilling out in a five-star Ecopod at Appin in the western Highlands.
PIPE ME ABOARD: Northern Light Charters, Achnacraig, Achindarroch, Duror of Appin, Argyll.
Simply driving around the area is a treat in itself, and the villages of Benderloch, Barcaldine and Port Appin are well worth a visit.
A helicopter crew from Prestwick attended the scene before requesting help from the Oban and Appin Coastguard teams.
The three players named in the trial records are Geillis Duncan of Trenant, Lothian, in Scotland, accused of witchcraft in 1590; Donald Mcllmichall, a wandering vagabond from the Appin area of north-west Scotland, accused of consorting with evil spirits in 1677; and Peter Kelly, accused of murder in London in 1729.
Paul Billings of British Seed Houses said it was not too late for some of the new fast-growing fodder crops such as the hybrid brassica Swift and the grazing turnip Appin to give Welsh livestock farmers an alternative.
Written by the technical team at Appin Knowledge Solutions (a Texas company that "develops software and training products in areas such as information security, nanotechnology, and robotics"), this volume provides a broad introduction to the field of robotics while emphasizing industrial and engineering applications.
Cook described Smith's as 'an essentially English mind, an English way of thinking and feeling about every subject', yet some of his best work, notably a haunting view of Castle Stalker across the waters of Loch Laich, Appin, Argyllshire (1954) is in his two books on Scotland.
Chapter 7, "The Appin Murder," examines Stevenson's retelling of the story of the shooting of Colin Campbell by James Stewart: "Stevenson interleaved the printed trial [from the State Trials] within its fictive offspring, thus bringing to life the antique document along with its long dead personages" (132).