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APPLEAccredited Professional Preschool Learning Environment (Fort Myers, FL)
APPLEÁrea de Paisagem Protegida do Litoral de Esposende (Portugal)
APPLEAll Punks Please Leave Earth (band)
APPLEApple and Pear Product Liaison Executive (CAMRA group to promote cider and perry)
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One executive told the WSJ that they wouldn't tell Apple how to price their iPad lineup.
The book is on display at the Apple Stores where it is sold.
Apple plates and bowls made by students at Bi-Cultural Day School.
New Yorkers and visitors to the city can stop by the Big Apple Fest Midtown Orchard, a 28,000 square foot space located at Fifth Avenue and 44th Street, daily to watch artists painting fiberglass apple sculptures or creating three-dimensional designs for the inside of clear acrylic apples.
Fill pie shell with apple mixture, piling high in center.
The orchard is currently being worked with three generations of Stepps, and that's the main reason why Sonya is still in the apple business.
Select your favorite candy to cover your apple, and pour the candy in a bowl.
One problem might be that most of us remember the enormous amount of work it took to care for the huge old apple tree in grandma's backyard.
The seminar will be a great chance to show off the capabilities of Apple and Adobe's creative software, connect with representatives of these industry leading companies, and hear trends and feedback from our peers in the industry," Murphy continued.
Weigh the apple slice in front of the Control cup, and record its weight on the data table.
Apple provides technical support and markets the end products at fairs and computer shows, while the programmers retain ownership and all revenues from their products' sales.
Not the least is that Jobs was not even at Apple during the company's long stretch of lost opportunities and decline from 1985 until 1997.