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APPLEApple Pugetsound Program Library Exchange (user group)
APPLEAriane Passenger Payload Experiment
APPLEAlliance for a Post-Petroleum Local Economy (California)
APPLEAccredited Professional Preschool Learning Environment (Fort Myers, FL)
APPLEÁrea de Paisagem Protegida do Litoral de Esposende (Portugal)
APPLEAids Prevention Plus Life Education (est. 2001; Zambia)
APPLEAll Punks Please Leave Earth (band)
APPLEA Personal Path to Lifelong Education (Colton, CA)
APPLEApple and Pear Product Liaison Executive (CAMRA group to promote cider and perry)
APPLEAssociation to Promote and Protect the Lubec Environment (Maine)
APPLEAsk, Pause, Pick, Listen, Evaluate
APPLEApollo Payload Exploration
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As Adam lay a-dreaming beneath the Apple Tree, The Angel of the Waters offered all the Seas in fee.
Think of it--twelve thousand acres of apples! Do you know what they call Pajaro Valley now?
You," he said to the First Poet, "excel in Art - take the Apple. And you," he said to the Second Poet, "in Imagination - take the Bone."
"Yes, a veritable apple-bearing apple tree, too, here in the very midst of pines and beeches, a mile away from any orchard.
"That's nothing to be afraid of," he replied, throwing away the core of his apple and beginning to eat another one.
Now, just after sundown, when all my work was over and I was on my way to my berth, it occurred to me that I should like an apple. I ran on deck.
Place yourself at the window with your sisters; I will ride by and throw you the silver apple. Take it in your hand, but if they ask you who I am, say that you do not know.' So saying, he kissed her, repeated his warning once more, and went away.
Anne set the card up against the jugful of apple blossoms she had brought in to decorate the dinnertable--Marilla had eyed that decoration askance, but had said nothing-- propped her chin on her hands, and fell to studying it intently for several silent minutes.
Thou shalt have wine and roasted apples, for thou art verily a charming child!" And the boy was so really.
At four o'clock a lull took place, and baskets remained empty, while the apple pickers rested and compared rents and bruises.
the wine is better at 'Eve's Apple'; and then, beside the door there is a vine in the sun which cheers me while I am drinking."
Aunt Olivia was married at five o'clock in the orchard under the late apple tree.