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APPLESApplication for Passport On-Line Electronic System (Singapore)
APPLESActive Programme Promoting Lifestyle Education in Schools (health program; various locations)
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Why, those Dalmatians are showing Pajaro apples on the South African market right now, and coining money out of it hand over fist.
To-day he leases seven hundred acres and owns a hundred and thirty of his own--the finest orchard in the valley, and he packs from forty to fifty thousand boxes of export apples from it every year.
With one hand the shaggy man held the apple, which he began eating, while with the other hand he pulled Toto out of his pocket and dropped him to the ground.
That's nothing to be afraid of," he replied, throwing away the core of his apple and beginning to eat another one.
A bullet went through his hat, but he was unaware, though he did know when another tore through the apples on the pommel.
Now, just after sundown, when all my work was over and I was on my way to my berth, it occurred to me that I should like an apple.
At four o'clock a lull took place, and baskets remained empty, while the apple pickers rested and compared rents and bruises.
You," he said to the First Poet, "excel in Art - take the Apple.
Your master the King has sent me hither to tell you to send him his golden armour and his steed and the silver apple.
The white and green light strained through apple trees and clustering vines outside fell over the rapt little figure with a half-unearthly radiance.
here goes for Eve and her apple," said the student, and taking Phoebus's arm.
That would be too bad, especially when the late apple tree had most obligingly kept its store of blossom until after all the other trees had faded and then burst lavishly into bloom for Aunt Olivia's wedding.