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The APPM method [10] used a pair of pixels (x,y) as a coordinate, where an extraction function [f.sub.APPM](x,y) was designed.
H NMR (600 MHz, DMSO-d6), appm: 7.672-6.984 (m, 8H, Ar-H), 5.552 (s, 2H, CH2-O-Ar), 5.056 (t, 1H, OH), 4.439 (t, 2H, N- CH2), 3.792-3.766 (q, 2H, CH2OH).
Iban acompanados de Humberto Sandoval, dirigente de la Central Campesina Cardenista, identificada por la APPM como corporativo perredista que integra asambleas con acarreados en las comunidades y genera confrontaciones.
For the sake of comparison, MTS's Russian OIBDA margin rose by 5.5 ppts YoY (1.9 ppts QoQ) to 43.2%, while MegaFon's OIBDA margin dropped 5.7 ppts YoY (3.1 ppts QoQ) to 38.5% The margin decrease was the result of a number factors, including a decreasing APPM, the increasing share of its lowmargin retail business, a gross margin slip and increased marketing expenses.
Paper company International Paper (NYSE:IP) reported on Friday the completion of the acquisition of a 75% stake in Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills (APPM), located in India.
Residential colonies maintained by the industries like Andhra Pradesh Paper Mill (APPM) which is situated in the heart of Rajahmundry town often remain separated from Government health facilities, specially for National Filaria and Malaria Control Programmes and managed by their own health infrastructure (Personal communication: The Chief Medical Officer, APPM).
Finally, David Baker analyses the relationship between union pickets, the police and the judiciary in two industrial disputes at APPM Burnie (Tasmania) in 1992 and Lyttelton (near Christchurch) in 1999.
Para el agua de produccion de petroleo mediano (APPM), la eliminacion fue menor (67%).
IN OTHER ANDRITZ NEWS: Through its Andritz Oy subsidiary in Finland and its Indian joint venture company Enmas Andritz Pte Ltd., the Andritz Group will deliver a new fiber line, recovery island, and wood room upgrade to Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills (APPM) Rajahmundry mill in India.
La ISAAR (CPF) no se compromete con ninguno de los convenios o reglas (nacionales o internacionales), no las evalua, sino que recomienda que cada servicio de archivo precise en el Area de notas de la Hoja de Trabajo, aquel o aquellas que hayan utilizado[15] y refiere sus ejemplos con normas inglesas, norteamericanas, canadienses y francesas (AACR2, APPM, RAD, AFNOR NF Z 44-060 y el Proyecto de Reglas UK NCA, 1996).