APPMAAmerican Pet Products Manufacturers Association
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To a question, the APPMA President said that tax system is another area where best reforms should be ensured and implemented to simplify the collection of various taxes.
Newly elected APPMA office-bearers urged the government to curtail import duty on the paper and paperboard and it should be included in the category of semi-finished material for printing and packaging.
Anis said, "Despite all efforts by APPMA and other trade bodies, the concerned government authorities failed to redress the genuine demands of the importers and exporters of the country.
The APPMA survey doesn't break down the dollar amount by category, so it's impossible to tell what hunters spend on their sporting dogs.
The APPMA further suggests that people are simply more involved with their animals today.
He announced a press conference to address the issues faced by APPMA today (Wednesday) in Karachi.
With this healthy base continuing to expand, APPMA is projecting industry spending to grow by 5.
The APPMA Businessmen Group felicitated the new office-bearers and termed their unopposed election to their respective seats as the manifestation of business community's trust in them.
The APPMA chief said to ensure safe kite-flying, there should be special kite-flying zones out of the city so that people could take part in the festivity.
The APPMA Pet Industry Survey reports one-third of American homes own a cat of which 90% use at least one litter box.
Trupanion believes that the US penetration rates will increase as customers discover the value in knowing their pets' health needs will be met, and the APPMA estimates that by 2010 the amount of pet insurance subscribers will increase to 5-7%.